An Interactive Video Grid

author: Quan Zhang

What? And, Why?

The Interactive Video Grid, an open-source software built with HTML and Javascript, allows simultaneous viewing, analysis, and recomposition of multiple videos through active mouse movement.

This project, inspired by Shane Denson's Interactive Video Essay “Don’t Look Now: Paradoxes of Sutures” and as part of Quan Zhang's ongoing "Modern Editing tools" project, aims to provide the general public with alternatives to mainstream editing tools, by making non-linear, scripting-reliant, and less commonly demanded functionality available.

I encourage the public to create their own versions of this project, populating the grid with videos of their liking, and to use it as an installation site, an analytical tool, an everyday resource for formal analysis, a teaching aid in classrooms...or much more.

All programming literacy levels can adapt and fork this tool.

No-code is guaranteed.

Let the demos futher explain. Try them!

You can claim it as yours in under 10 minutes.

Things needed for success:

  1. Several video files with specific naming;

  2. 10 minutes to set up the project according to the instructions.

Publishing it online adds additional 20 mins, for which you need:

  1. A free Github account;

  2. the Github Desktop app.

Click onto the next page and start building now.

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